NitiNyaya Case Study

NitiNyaya Overview:

  • NitiNyaya founded in 1998, is a litigation firm dealing with cases of Cheque Dishonour, Partition & Possession, Commercial Suit(s), Suit(s) for damages, Arbitration, Succession, Probate, Letter of Administration (LOA), Service Matter(s), Writ Petition(s) (Civil and Criminal), Taxation, Matrimonial Disputes Cheating, Forgery, Criminal Breach of Trust in addition to pro-bono work. The firm is engaged in the scientific evaluation of public policy and giving suggestions in improvising the same.

Business Challenges:

  • Outdated and unsecured website
  • No conversion from the website
  • No “Call to Action” available
  • No feature to track website users
  • No customer engagement & interaction with the website

Our Solutions:

Website Creation
  • A fast, easy, secure, interactive & dynamic website with multiple
    “call to actions” like WhatsApp business connect.
Email Marketing Campaigns
  • To connect the participates of a website launch event and provide them
    custom made certificates via the website.
Integration of Google Analytics
  • For detailed customer tracking & analysis.

Benefits to Customer's Business:

  • Secure and latest UX website presence.
  • Conversions from the website increased by 337.5 % MoM (From 7-8 inquiries to 30-35 inquiries a month).
  • User engagement & interaction increased by 440% MoM (From 25 users to 130-135 users a month).
  • Able to track and understand customer behavior via best use of Google Analytics tool.
  • Email marketing delivered a 97.8% success ratio. Average open rate: 74.6% and click rate: 44.9%.

NitiNyaya Review:

Dear Anand,

I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for making the website possible which has been pending for a long time.

I found the experience of working with your team to be seamless and professional. The team was pro-active rather than reactive which made it possible to go live on the day decided. We really appreciated all the additional ideas you had that we hadn’t even thought of in terms of additional features that we ended up adding to our website.

We look forward to working with your team on Phase-2 of the project.  

I will surely recommend the name of your Company to many more Law firms in my circle so that they too can get their Websites designed or improved through you.

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