Carpediem Capital Overview:

  • Carpediem Capital is an Indian private equity fund manager focused on the Indian consumption opportunity through investments in emerging SME leaders.

Business Challenges:

  • Unsecure website
  • Unable to track user activity on the website
  • Unable to track website backend
  • Lack of social media presence

Our Solutions:

Digital Marketing

  • Installation of SSL security certificate on to the website
  • Google Analytics account setup and website integration
  • Google webmaster tool setup and website integration
  • Organic Social Media Marketing with the latest strategies

Benefits to Customer's Business:

Website Analytics:

  • The new users count increased by 123.7% (From 278 new users to 622 new users in 6 months)
  • Website users increased by 142.9% (From 278 users to 673 users in 6 months)
  • The session count increased by 155.4% (From 363 sessions to 927 sessions in 6 months)
  • The engaged session count increased by 166.8% (From 238 sessions to 635 sessions in 6 months)
  • Users by organic traffic count increased by 155.7%
  • Users by direct traffic count increased by 81.8%
  • Users by social media traffic count increased by 86.9%

SMM (Social Media Marketing):

  • LinkedIn post impressions increased by 171.2% (From 5713 impressions to 15497 impressions in 6 months)
  • LinkedIn followers increased by 61.6% (From 1180 followers to 1907 followers in 6 months)
  • LinkedIn post reactions increased by 242.8% (From 91 reactions to 312 reactions in 6 months)
  • Twitter post impressions increased by 5% (From 680 impressions to 714 impressions in 6 months)
  • Twitter followers increased by 1150% (From 20 followers to 250 followers in 6 months)
  • Twitter post likes increased by 67.6% (From 34 likes to 57 likes in 6 months)

Carpediem Capital Review:

We want to thank ClimbUP team for the work done for our Social media handles. We have been able to double our followers and engagement on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages with the help of their team. The ideas that were provided to us by their team during various events were very helpful for us in understanding and growing our engagement with our followers. The team is very responsive and is hands-on with their job. We look forward to continuing working together in the future.

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